Recommended Reading

The Automatic Millionaire

by David Bach

"David Bach gives you a totally realistic system, based on timeless principles, with everything you need to know, including phone numbers, websites and apps, so you can put the secret to becoming an Automatic Millionaire in place from the comfort of your own home." - Amazon Book Description 


The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

The bestselling The Millionaire Next Door identifies seven common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth.


Personal Finance for Dummies

by Eric Tyson

"Inside, you'll find techniques for tracking expenditures, reducing spending, and getting out from under the burden of high-interest debt. Tyson explains the basics of investing in plain English, as well as the risks, returns, and options for popular investment strategies. He also covers ways to save for college and special events, tame your taxes, and financially survive the twists and turns that life delivers." - Amazon Book Review 


The Intelligent Investor 

by Benjamin Graham

In this investing classic, Graham outlines his philosophy of value investing which focuses on long term, disciplined, and carefully researched investment strategies. 


The Most Important Thing

by Howard Marks

"Brilliantly applying insight to today's volatile markets, Marks offers a volume that is part memoir, part creed, with a number of broad takeaways. Marks expounds on such concepts as "second-level thinking," the price/value relationship, patient opportunism, and defensive investing. Frankly and honestly assessing his own decisions—and occasional missteps—he provides valuable lessons for critical thinking, risk assessment, and investment strategy." - Amazon Book Review