Beginning Investors

The resources found below are best for new investors who are trying to learn as much as they can about the craft. These resources range from an introduction to investing to general portfolio strategies. 

Investopedia's Investing 101 tutorial

This free eight-part course offers a comprehensive guide for the novice investor. It starts with the question "What is investing?" and progresses into compounding, types of investments, portfolios, and diversification. It's best for people with little or no background knowledge when it comes to investing, who want to educate themselves before getting started.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool's goal is to build "the world's greatest investment community." It has a variety of resources to choose from, including a website, books, a newspaper column, a radio station, and a newsletter. Motley Fool offers something for every kind of investor. They have free features such as a stock-rating service, or fee-based services, so you can choose exactly how you want to learn.

Khan Academy - Finance and Capital Markets

From taxes to stocks and bonds, educator Salman Khan provides educational videos for all kinds of financial topics. Not only do these videos address personal finance topics, but Khan Academy also has videos for students interested in higher level financial topics.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance offers stock research, news, and the latest market price for all available stocks. It also allows you to follow certain stocks both on the website and on the mobile app. It is a great tool to use while doing investment due diligence. 

edX Economics and Finance

edX is an online education provider founded by MIT and Harvard that offers a wide array of courses from leading Universities to students across the globe. They offer a number of high quality, free courses that range from economics to Islamic capital markets.